Projects with classEx

classEx is the core software for some related projects in different fields.

Lioness Lab

Together with Dr. Lucas Molleman and Prof. Dr. Simon Gächter from the University of Nottingham we are building a development tool for experiments in online labour markets like Amazon MTurk. This tool is based on a similar logic as classEx but takes into account the special needs when running experiments online. 

Classroom Experiments at UPF

Together with Prof. Rosemarie Nagel at the Universtitat Pompeu Fabra we develop new formats for teaching microeconomics with classEx. Based on the book by Bergstrom and Miller (2000) we develop games to be run interactively with participants moving around in the classroom and trading with eachother.

Experimental Repository

In cooperation with the GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne we participate as cooperation partners at a DFG project called X-Hub: An Infrastructure for the Multi-disciplinary Secondary Use of Data from Experimental Studies in Economics and Social Sciences, with a Focus on Benchmark and Large Groups Experiments.


Experiments for Teaching in Schools

Together with the Joachim Herz Foundation we implement experiments for Highschool teaching in Germany.  More information (in German) can be found here.