Interactive Experiments with Mobile Devices

With classEx you can conduct interactive surveys and classroom experiments. Students log in with their mobile device (smartphone or notebook) and can participate interactively at the lecture. Results are shown instantly on the presentation screen of the lecturer with concrete graphs. Knowledge questions and spontaneous tests can be integrated in lectures or presentations for all kinds of academic disciplines. It can be used in political sciences to simulate polls or elections, psychologists can test the effect of roles and scenarios and economicsts can access the strategic interaction in markets and the whole world of behavioral economics. 

How to get classEx

Participants just login with their course password. Lecturers and professors  can get a login here.

Marcus Giamattei and Johann Graf Lamsbdorff

 Marcus Giamtatei and Humberto Llavador (Pompeu Fabra)

Large Audience

classEx provides a standard set of experiments, ready to be used directly in a lecture or a presentation. For this purpose instructions and previous results are well-documented and allow optimal preparation. classEx allows the interaction of large groups in the auditorium, including use in mass lectures. Students are activated and the learning success can be improved with the help of classEx.

Share and Document

Existing experiments can be copied with one click and adapted to the needs of a user. User data are automatically available to other users and allow comparisons across countries and time. User document their findings shortly to help future users. All results are subject to a Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 3.0, may therefore be used for all purposes and quoted



The architecture of classEx supports a large amount of mobile devices and tries to minimize the amount of data transferred between client and server. Experiments can be implemented in a back end system similar to normal content mangement systems. Advanced settings are implemented with PHP, a well document standard. So every user can implement own experiments.

Experimental Standards

classEx guarantees standards of experimental research as blindness, anonymity at the login, and the ability to give the students monetary incentives as a function of their own behavior. This is realized by means of payment codes. Participants are divided into groups and treatments and different roles. Experiments may involve simultaneous or sequential decisions and go through several rounds. classEx can therefore be used only for use in the teaching and for research projects. 

classEx is constantly being improved. Other users are added and deliver results to existing experiments. Further experiments are designed and made available. Likewise, the functionality is continuously revised and updated. Current Version 3.4.5.