In 2021, we are providing a series of webinars on how to use classEx to run and develop experiments. A special focus is on how to use classEx in the online classroom, which has become common during the Corona pandemic. We will post the recordings and further material of the webinars here. So far, the webinar series consists of the following parts:
Part I – a

Run experiments

In this webinar, we covered the topics of how to start with classEx and how to run ready-made experiments in classEx with a special focus on the online classroom. You can read more about the topic in our documentation as well.
Part I – b

Topic webinar: Macroeconomics

In this webinar we want to show some usecases of classEx experiments that can be used to teach macroeconomics or monetary economics. These includes games on the Keynesian multiplier, central bank tender procedures, interest rate and purchasing power parity and Ricardian equivalence.
Part II

Develop own experiments

In this webinar, we will cover how to develop your own experiments with classEx.

You can find additional information on how to develop your own experiments in the documentation.

part Ia: January 20th 2021 at 4pm (CET) via Zoom

70 participants from 25 countries

part Ib: February 3rd 2021 at 4pm (CET) via Zoom.

50 participants

part II: January 27th 2021 at 4pm (CET) via Zoom.

30 participants

Recording Part Ia

Transcript of the Q&A in the chat

00:35:06 Marc Kaufmann: Should I have seen the matrix of pay-offs, or it is meant to be displayed only on the lecturer’s screen?
00:35:29 classEX Team – Florian: in this case it is only visible on the lecturer screen
00:35:39 Marc Kaufmann: OK, thanks.
00:51:04 Elena: are the participants logged in via this link for all the games you post in the session? So its not a log-in per game?
00:51:48 Brian Feld: Can you include a timer in the game or would one have to time players manually?
00:52:09 Neha Gupta: is it possible to change response?
00:52:42 classEX Team – Florian: exactly, People remain logged. if you e.g. you want to Change the account between two games you could manually log-out each participant of the last game
00:54:11 classEX Team – Florian: concerning the timer: usually you would have to Forward People manually. however it is possible to Code a timer, but it’s not Ready-made
00:56:12 Brian Feld: Thanks!
00:56:14 classEX Team – Florian: concerning the Change of a Response: it is possible to implement both Options in a game.
00:56:33 Elena: thank you!
00:56:33 Sabrina Yufang Sun: Could we ask demographic questions and link the answers to experiment results using the internal number?
00:56:41 classEX Team – Florian: so participants could either be forwarded immidiatly or after implementing the decision and then press ok
00:58:01 classEX Team – Florian: yes, it’s possible to link demographic Questions to the results after the game. participants have a unique ID during the entire game in the data file you can link them
00:58:28 Sabrina Yufang Sun: Thank you Florian!
00:59:27 classEX Team – Florian: you could also write a Code and customize your results Graphs by matching demographic data and results but I think it might take some time to Code this
00:59:56 Sabrina Yufang Sun: That’s awesome. Thank you!
01:07:22 Maurizio Canavari: Thank you, very interesting!
I have to leave now, but I’ll attend the next webinars
01:07:28 M Komi: Thank you so much for such an informative session. How can we get the recording of the seminar?
01:07:37 iPad de Jhon Diaz: thank You
01:07:38 Subhasish Chowdhury: Thank you, very useful!
01:07:51 M Komi: Excellent!
01:08:02 Paolo Crosetto: Thank you, looking forward to the programming webinar — and to get my ClassEx Login so that I can start playing around!
01:08:06 SC: Thank you!
01:08:07 Danae Arroyos-Calvera: Thank you!!
01:08:10 Natalia V Czap: Thank you! This was very helpful!
01:08:16 Rebecca McDonald: Thank you – really useful!
01:08:18 Ali Seyhun Saral: Can the software be used for field experiments or online experiments outside of a classroom context (like your football experiment)? If that’s the case, could you please talk about possible challenges related to that? (For instance, participants who open extra tabs.)
01:08:20 Kaywana Raeburn: Thank you!
01:08:21 Juan Camilo Cardenas Campo: thanks Marcus for the presentation, very pedagogical
01:08:24 Chen ZHANG_laptop: Thanks a lot!
01:08:31 Brian Feld: Thank you very much!
01:08:34 PL: Many thanks Marcus! looking forward to the next webinar
01:08:42 victor maas: Thanks! very nice.
01:08:42 Neha Gupta: very interesting and enriching webinar, have toleave now but would want to follow up more later
01:09:01 Paola Tiranzoni: Thank you! really useful and interesting!! Looking foward to the next webinar
01:09:15 Michał Krawczyk: how is it better than e.g. veconlab?
01:09:21 Matteo Rizzolli: First of all, thank you. My question is it possible and how easy it is to translate the existing experiments in local languages?
01:11:06 Ali Seyhun Saral: Another question if I may, related with big classrooms. Have you set a limit for the number of participants?
01:12:00 classEX Team – Florian: up to now there is no Limit to participant numbers. the biggest one we ran in Passau was with about 800 participants as far as I remember
01:12:08 Ali Seyhun Saral: Thanks!
01:13:20 Kristijan Bilić: Can you send a youtube link that was shown on one of the first slides in the presentation – next to BeerGarden
01:14:17 umbertogalmarini: Thank you Marcus!
01:15:21 Subhasish Chowdhury: Looking forward to the next webinar. Thanks again, and see you.
01:17:07 Amalia Di Girolamo: Thank you so much this was extremely useful. see you.
01:18:26 Paolo Crosetto: thanks for this but more than that on the development of this platform. I am flabbergasted by the fact that I did not know of this before — I have been pulling in enormous efforts to achieve a fraction of what you provide. So well, thanks;
01:18:30 Paolo Crosetto: and see you!
01:18:38 Marc Kaufmann: What language does one have to use to build new experiments – PHP?
01:18:38 Matteo Rizzolli: simple question: how do i get out of the players screen and log into the admin screen
01:19:39 classEX Team – Florian: 90 % is PHP and there are some Options for live-Feedback with javascript

01:19:51 Matteo Rizzolli: thanks!
01:20:38 Marc Kaufmann: Is there some overlap with Lioness which is also in PHP, or is it not possible to port experiments?
01:23:01 Matthew Walker: Many thanks – very useful session
01:25:12 Mark Leonard: Thank you both for the session. I look forward to the next one.
01:25:31 Henrik Orzen: Thank you very much!
01:25:35 Marija Cerjak: Thank you very much for the interesting webinar.
01:25:40 Sabrina Yufang Sun: Thanks a lot!
01:25:43 Ali Seyhun Saral: thank you very much.
01:25:51 François Cochard: Thank you very much!
01:25:53 Daniela Grieco: Thank you very much!
01:25:55 Nodir Djanibekov: Thank you!

Recording Part Ib

Recording Part II

Transcript of the Q&A in the chat

16:46:20 Natalia V Czap : Does classEx allow instructor to play the game (ex: open it in a different tab) while also running it as an instructor on that same computer?
16:47:14 classEx Team – Florian : yes, you can open test-participants also while you are in class.
16:51:35 Andreas Drichoutis : A few questions: 1) how are items arranged in a screen and can this be customized? 2) is classEx appropriate for individual experiments? e.g., subjects arrive at different time points and experiment starts for each subject as soon as they arrive 3) alternatively, can all subjects start together but progress and finish at their own pace? 4) Is there something similar to plot boxes as in zTree that you can also use as an input method?
16:52:34 Natalia V Czap : If “test participant” is paired with a student (for instance in the UBG), will the student see that they are playing not with another student by with an instructor?
16:53:22 classEx Team – Florian : 1) you can change the order of items by changing this order in the editing mode. so if you move a textbox one place up in the backend it does the same in the frontend
16:54:50 classEx Team – Florian : 2) this should be possible however this only works if participants never interact
16:55:26 JA : Can you use variables at the beginning to match participants?
16:55:39 classEx Team – Florian : 3) yes this is also possible and more frequently used than option 2
16:56:17 classEx Team – Florian : 4) i’m not sure about comparing it to z-tree, probably Marcus can answer this question later on!
16:57:51 classEx Team – Florian : Participants won’t recognize if they play with a test participant or a “real” participant. depending on how the game is constructed you can also include clones, so a participant could play the UBG even without a partner
16:59:03 classEx Team – Florian : it is possible to match according to variables you got during run, however it is not “pre-implemented”, so you have no simple option to do it
16:59:47 classEx Team – Florian : for such a purpose you need an own matching algorithm that operates in a later stage (the default is a matching algorithm in stage 0)
17:01:50 Natalia V Czap : Thank you, Florian!
17:05:43 umbertogalmarini : How is possible to create the link to login the game to send to participants on Zoom chat like Marcus did?
17:06:28 classEx Team – Florian : if you are in the lecture mode there is a QR code symbol in the top bar. you can click on it and find a QR code where participants can login or copy a link
17:07:06 umbertogalmarini : thank you!
17:25:50 Matthew Walker : Marcus and Florian – thanks for a very useful session.
17:25:51 Humberto Llavador : Thanks a lot, Marcus. Very helpful.
17:26:00 Marc Kaufmann : Thanks indeed
17:26:04 Vishruti Gupta : Thank you
17:26:11 Branka Sakic Bobic : Thanks, looking forward to try the games
17:26:31 Luisa Lorè : Thank you for your seminar! (:
17:26:32 Neha Gupta : Thanks very much Marcus and team!
17:26:43 umbertogalmarini : Thank you very much. Very useful!
17:27:15 iPad de Jhon Diaz : Thank you
17:28:13 Vishruti Gupta : are there any tutorials available for classEx?
17:29:31 Vishruti Gupta : Thank you
17:31:01 PL : cool! thanks!
17:46:55 Matteo Rizzolli : thanks a lot MArcus!
17:47:16 Lenovo : Thank you!!

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