Teaching material

In classEx, many games can just be used by playing them. They are self-explanatory or have the main instruction on the start screen. For a range of experiments, we provide extensive teaching material, which we currently adapt und enrich.


Econ class Experiments is the webpage where we collect the material for the book Experiments with Economic Principles that Ted Bergstrom, Marcus Giamattei,  Humberto Llavador and John H. Miller are currently writing. A set of market experiments complemented with detailed instructor’s and student’s instructions, warmup-exercises and problem sets. All experiments are implemented in classEx to be run in the classroom with the use of mobile devices. They can be directly run with no need for printing out material or installing software.

Teaching material for CORE Econ

Together with CORE Econ, Humberto Llavador and Marcus Giamattei are writing chapters for the companion book Experiencing Economics. These chapters contain instructions for students and instructors, homework questions and questions for discussion to enable instructors teaching with those experiments. So far, the public goods game has been introduced, followed by an investment game at the end of February 2021. The companion material can be used on its own, but works well together with CORE The Economy.


We will provide a list with the games here soon.