Webinar part II - Developing own experiments with classEx

Webinar part II – Developing own experiments with classEx

Date(s) - 27. January 2021
16:00 (Berlin time)

12 spaces available

In part II of the webinar, we will discuss first steps how to develop own experiments with classEx. We will introduce the architecture and the backend to click together own experiments. We wanted to keep it a bit smaller so that we restricted the number of participants. As with the last webinar, we will post the recordings on the webpage.

To participate, some basic knowledge about classEx is helpful (e.g. if you attended part Ia of the workshop on Jan 20th or watched the recording on classEx.de/webinars).

Please also get free instructor credentials on classEx.de/get-login-credentials if you do have them yet. The seminar will include some interactive parts to develop a first own experiment.

The experiment will be held on Zoom on January 27th 4pm (Berlin time) by Prof. Marcus Giamattei.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Marcus at marcus.giamattei@uni-passau.de


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